Organization History

At BHARAT MATA MANDIR a few community members felt the need for a place for Cultural activities. A historical step was taken by Mr. Jeff Lal.

BHARAT MATA MANDIR, Brampton is a non-profit, registered charitable organization in Ontario, Canada popularly known as BHARAT MATA MANDIR within the community. 

BHARAT MATA MANDIR– Cultural Project,

Shortly after, BHARAT MATA MANDIR purchased a PA system and microphones and also began to rent space on weekends at local community centers for meditation, cultural events, and musical performances. 

This venue has been very busy with various community events. In this location The Society:

  • Presents educational programs and forums for its membership and the public
  • Sponsors cultural events presenting the visual and performing arts of India.
  • Acts as a resource center for information on Indian culture and customs.
  • Presents programs relevant to the Indo-Canadian experience.
    In response to the needs of the Indian community of Scarborough, Markham, Pickering and adjoining areas, since then the Society has presented a number of Humanitarian, Cultural and Educational programs such as,
  • Lectures and Camps focusing on Meditation with guest speakers from India.
  • Broadcasting of Television program “Durgajyoti”.
  • Jai Durga Hindu Society – Cultural Project, Page 19
  • Educational Hindi Classes & Music Classes for Children.
  • Seasonal events celebrating traditional Indian Customs.
  • Live performances by some the top performers of the Indian film industry.
  • Participation in Indian Earthquake Relief Fund.
  • Participation in the Tsunani Relief Fund.
  • Organizing annual eye camp for the needy and underprivileged.
  • Organizing of Annual Community Picnic.
  • Supporting of television programs such as “Ashirvad”, “Z-TV”, “TV-Asia” to promote Indo-Canadian relations and culture.


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