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  • Findings by many research organizations have discovered that the benefits of learning a second language are much broader than just the ability to communicate in another language. For instance, government educational institutions report the importance of second language education on intellectual potential, scholastic achievement, first language skills, citizenship and the economy.The research conclusions in each area, as reported by Alberta Education are as follows:Intellectual Potential* Students fluent in two language score higher in both verbal and non-verbal intelligence.

    • Students studying a second language are superior in divergent thinking tasks and in memory ability and attention span.Scholastic Achievement* Second language students have higher test scores in reading, language and mathematics.
    • Each additional year of second language training created a greater positive differential compared to students not receiving a second language.Effect on First Language* Second language education significantly strengthens first language skills in areas of reading, English vocabulary, grammar and communication skills.
    • The earlier the start, the greater the positive effect on the first language.Citizenship* Students studying a second language have superior cross-cultural skills and adapt better to varying cultural contexts.
    • Students studying a second language display greater cultural sensitivity.Economic Potential* There is an urgent requirement for qualified speakers of languages other than English in areas of science, technology, medicine and global commerce.One of the missions of Bal Vihar is to provide affordable Hindi and Punjabi classes for the youth of our community to acquire the above benefits.For information on the next session of classes please contact Bal Vihar at 905-794-5530.

  • Benefits of Dance: Dancing is a unique form of exercise that helps us to build muscles, keep fit, and tone the body. Dancing brings a different joy to life. It reduces mental stress and the ailments associated with it. Apart from many other benefits, this form of physical exercise assists to regulate the body weight.Shaking the body to different forms of music gives a feeling of freshness and comfort. Dancing does not necessarily demand learning the art; we can just move our body the way we like. However, learning the art of dance provides many additional benefits as well.There are many different poses and postures in the various dance styles. These different kinds of body movement, known as karanas, help in improving body balance. As one dances to ethnic tunes, there is simultaneous movements of the limbs, with the eyes following the hands.

    “Where the hands go, there the glances follow; where the glances go, the mind follows; where the mind goes the mood follows and where the mood is there is rasa or flavour”.Thus with dance one improves posture, increases balance and enhances coordination. In Indian dance forms, poetry comes out of hands that have a life of their own. One sharpens their concentration skills as one tries to recall the different hand symbols (mudras) along with the karanas.

    Remembering the different steps, their names and synchronizing them with the song increases mental alertness, making it invigorating and refreshing.Benefits of Music and Singing:The amazing benefits of singing on health are the greatest rewards human can avail. Singing is instrumental to increase the fun and joy in our lives. Since singing has the capacity to lower our levels of stress, a regular singing habit can solve many stress related problems.

    Singing assists to remove tensions while improving the posture and quality of breathing. The physical and mental benefits of singing are many. Singing also enhances concentration levels, thereby helping to become more efficient and better team player as one sings in a group environment.Music is also the expression of emotion. It has the capacity assist in making people bind together for social or humanitarian causes. In fact, music possesses the power to unite the entire nation. There are songs that bind society. Music as well as poetry can even unite entire humanity behind a particular cause. Music is omnipresent. Regardless of color, race, religion, cast, wealth, politics or sex, music blinds everything. It possesses the intensity to move everyone, no matter who you are. Everyone avails the benefits of singing. From physical and emotional health, personal and social harmony; singing can add “life” to everything in this universe. Such is the power of music and singing. Bal Vihar provides affordable music and dance classes for our youth, adults and seniors. For more information please contact us at 416-754-2983

  • What is yoga?
    Yoga is a form of exercise, meditation, and breathing practices when practiced regularly brings unity to the mind, body, and spirit.

    Our Program:
    The Yoga program is a fun and exciting program where a combination of hatha poses, kundalini yoga and the ashtanga primary series and breathing techniques are brought to life through play, songs, story-telling, arts and crafts. Our aim is to foster strength, creativity, focus, cooperation, and confidence for a happy, healthy and balanced life. Children are encouraged to participate in Yoga exercises. Children today have a very busy and demanding life. Homework, pressure to compete with other children, endless after-school activities, over-scheduling — it all adds up.

    Our Classes:
    All classes are led by yoga instructors specializing in children’s yoga. Maximum number of students per class is 15.

    Click here for the upcoming Classes:
    Healing Yoga classes for adults and seniors – EVERY Saturday at 9:00 am Sharp. Everyone is invited.



    Workshops Coming soon to the Bal Vihar Cultural Centre:

    Health information workshop
    Eye care information workshop
    Diabetics information workshop
    New immigrants workshop
    Legal aid workshop
    Computer Classes for Seniors


    These workshops will be available to anyone interested in furthering the knowledge of the subject matter. Visit this website regularly for updates OR subscribe to the Society’s email notification system by sending us a quick email at


  • Bharat Mata Mandir invites you to its annual picnic : Date – T.B.A.

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